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The Remodeler

For the Remodeling contractor:

The Remodeler Angle Calculator by Mayco Tools

Retail Price  $49.95  

The Remodeler has all of the standard features of The Basic plus the outer body of this tool has a conversion chart that converts a plumb angle into a seat angle or a whole angle into the right angle and the corresponding miter angle. The inner blade is slotted like The Basic, has a roof pitch conversion chart that works like The Framer for converting roof pitches into degrees (one through 20 in 12) on one side of the blade and a seven inch rule on the reverse.

Angle Calculator™
How to use:  The Remodeler

If you have a fast connection:  See The Remodeler Angle Calculator in action!  (24.4 Mb)
Free demo video upon request
with purchase of an Angle Calculator!


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