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The Framer

For Framers, Stackers and Builders:

The Framer Angle Calculator by Mayco Tools

Retail Price  $49.95  

The Framer has all of the standard features of The Basic plus the chart that converts any roof pitches into degrees (one through 30 in 12). the front side of the tool has a chart for common and jack rafters. The reverse side reads for hip and valley rafters. The first column reads the roof pitch - scroll down to the desired pitch, then read across the center column which shows the plumb angle degree. The last column shows the seat angle

Use Mayco Tool's Miter and Right Angle Finder to find angles quick and easy.

Angle Calculator™
How to use:  The Framer

  If you have a fast connection:  See The Framer Angle Calculator in action!  (11.8 Mb)
Free demo video upon request 
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