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The Finisher

The Finisher Angle Calculator by Mayco Tools

Retail Price  $49.95 

The Finisher has all of the standard features of The Basic plus the ability to create Compound Miter Angles for Crown Molding.  The chart on the outer body of the tool gives compound miter angles to flat cut crown moldings. One side is for crown molding 52°/38° and the other side is for 45°. Just open the tool to fit a corner being checked- read the miter angle on the front dial of the tool, scroll drown the appropriate chart, read across to find the saw bevel or blade tilt, and the saw miter.

Angle Calculator™
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The Finisher

If you have a fast connection:  See The Finisher Angle Calculator in action!  (16.8 Mb)
Free demo video upon request
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