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The Angle Calculator

Cut your time and expenses with the Angle Calculator™!

Quickly Calculates:
• Compound miter angles for crown molding.
• Miter angles for interior and exterior finish trim.
• Seat and plumb angles for roof pitches.

Open it ~ Read it ~ Perfect cuts instantly!

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Angle Calculator is constructed of anodized aluminum and laser engraved. They are brightly colored and stand out in the work area and have high contrast for easy reading. The Angle Calculator is the only tool that gives you three angles per corner; Miter Angles, Plumb Angles, and Seat Cut Angles instantly.


1. Measure Angle

2. Set your saw.

3. Perfect Cuts Every Time!

Use for calculating miter angles on:
Crown Molding
Arched Doors and Window Casings
Moldings in Oddly Shaped Rooms
Fine Woodworking Projects
Tile, etc.

~~Use the Angle Calculator, why?  you ask.~~

Simple because what is your time worth to you?
If you are the boss, every minute of your time plus employees time adds up.

If you're an employee every time you can show your boss, a way they can save time, and have less material waste is one step closer to that raise you need.

~~Who needs an Angle Calculator?~~

Carpenters of all types; framers, stackers, siders, finisher carpenters